(formerly now supports eligibility checking for over 500 insurances in addition to Medicare.

Yes! The pricing structure remains exactly the same.

We have teamed up with different vendors in order to get you the most up to date and comprehensive information that we can.

Based on the relationships we have with our vendors, enrollment is completely automatic for most companies. If they are available in the drop down list of companies, you can go ahead and check it! However, there are a few insurances that do require enrollment. We will be publishing a list of the carriers that require enrollment in the near future.

Please send an e-mail to with your request. If we are able to, we will be happy to add it to the list.

You will need the policy number, patient name, date of birth and date of service. Some insurances also require the insured’s information. Based on the company you select, will prompt you for the information it needs.

The service cost is $0.25 (US$) per transaction (1 transaction = 1 eligibility check). The minimum purchase amount is $25.00 for 100 transactions. You may purchase as many transactions as you like. A running balance of the number of transactions is maintained in your account. This balance is available for you to view at any time on the "Check Eligibility" page and the "Account Status" page.  The transactions do not expire and unused transactions remain in your account for as long as you use the service. As you use the service, your transactions will deplete. If you have zero transactions on your account, you will be unable to check eligibility until you purchase more transactions, which you can do at any time.

There is no monthly fee. There is no registration fee, but you must purchase the minimum denomination of transactions ($25 for 100 transactions) at the time of registration. Optionally, you can try the service free (10 Clicks) at no charge.

No. Your transactions never expire, You can use this service at your discretion. If you stop using the site for six months, for example, and then decide to use the site again, all of your remaining transactions will still be available to you.

CMS requires that all users of this service must be valid Medicare providers and have a current EDI agreement with CMS. We verify this information in part by requiring a recent (within the previous six months) Medicare EOB.

This service connects directly to the national central databases of CMS. It is not dependent upon a specific Medicare carrier.

CMS ensures us that the information is updated at least every 48 hrs.

Yes. This service connects directly to the national central database of CMS. It is not dependent upon any specific Medicare carrier.

This service is intended for providers who wish to determine the eligibility and deductible status of Medicare patients. It also allows the provider to know if the patient has elected to enroll in a MAP/HMO carrier.

Using this service to "phish" for protected health information violates HIPAA regulations and is a breach of the terms of agreement for this service.

We reserve the right to terminate the CheckEligibilityNow account of any user who is caught phising.
CMS may revoke the violator's EDI agreement and he/she may also face legal prosecution for violating HIPAA regulations.

No. This service is created through a collaboration between CheckEligibilityNow and CMS. We both try to maintain as much "up-time" as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when the system is down due computer malfunctions, connectivity issues, or computer maintenance. CMS also performs regular maintenance on weekends.

If you receive an error due to one of these issues, no transaction is used and your balance remains the same.

Any unused paid clicks will be refunded upon written request. (Free clicks provided have no refund value.)


We at specialize in offering software solutions for businesses in the healthcare field. Many offices wish to computerize and take advantage of the technological revolution that is going on around us. To you we offer, a web service that gives providers a quick and easy way to determine eligibility, deductible, and benefits status for your patients. This service serves patients insured by all Medicare carriers & commercial insurances nationwide.